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Frivolous and Flamboyant - Are you a Fancy Farm Girl?

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 4:45 PM

Are you the girly girl who rides a Harley? Are you the figure skater who spends her free time cheering on her favourite hockey team? Do you come home from your construction job to enjoy a fancy martini? Let me introduce you to Fancy Farm Girl wines…


Sue-Ann Staff is tapping into her background, her experiences on the family farm, her work around the world creating wines she loves and crafted a set of wines that combine all of the aspects of her life up until this point. Sue-Ann is the epitome of these wines – she is the cosmopolitan winemaker stretching her talents from Australia to France and she is just as comfortable on her family’s 200 acre farm tending to the grapes that she helped with alongside her Grandma when she was a small girl. Both the Frivolous White and the Flamboyant Red are uncomplicated but still decadent and racy.


The 2012 Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous White is made from Riesling grapes ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. It is straw yellow in colour with a slight green hue to it and the initial aromas are predominantly Granny Smith apples. As the wine opens up, the apples take on a Northern Spy aroma (like what you find in apple based ciders) combined with some minerality and citrus fruit. When it comes to the palate, you will find a combination of apple, lemon and lime but not of the flavours is overpowering. The addition of the citrus components balances everything out perfectly. The wine is perfectly harmonious and very food friendly – it almost eludes to a hint of a warm summer to come (and who of us would not love a warm summer after all this snow we have been getting)…


With the 2012 Fancy Farm Girl Flamboyant Red you have this bright and lively, easy drinking Cabernet Merlot blend. The colour is this fantastic bright red colour with just a hint of darkness from certain angles. The nose is a combination of cherry, mint and cedar notes with slight raspberry as the wine starts to open up. It is not “in your face” – it is balanced and elegant. The mouthfeel gives a certain creaminess which comes from the malo-lactic fermentation the wine went through prior to spending time in French and American oak barrels. The flavours are continuations of the aromas – lots of red fruit with an undertone of mint and a hint of black pepper dotting the landscape.


Do you feel like mixing it up? My husband and I did a little bit of creative mixology with these wines this weekend. In both cases we pulled from the flavours inherent with each wine and created a couple of martini’s from them. For the white wine – we amped up the apple flavours and added a caramel component to it as well. The inside of the glass was rimmed with a caramel sauce which took the place of a traditional garnish. In a shaker, we combined 1 oz of Three Olives Jacked Apple Vodka with 2 oz of the wine. Shaken and strained into the martini glass and you have a Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous Apple. With the red wine, we did a play on a Manhattan which is traditionally Bourbon based with Red Vermouth and Bitters. We stayed with the Bourbon but reversed the amount so that it was the smaller amount in the equation and the wine replaced the other two ingredients. The cherry flavour is what played into this plan. Manhattan’s are typically garnished with cherries and, depending on the barrels used, Bourbon can have a cherry component to the flavour. When we combined 1 oz Bourbon (we used Knob Creek) and 2 oz Fancy Farm Girl Flamboyant Red we got a perfectly balanced cocktail that we garnished with Maker’s Mark Cherries. In both cases, these cocktails went down super easy…they are definitely what I would call DANGEROUS drinks!


Sue-Ann had a revelation and she shares it with all of us who try these wines. “Years back, while tending my family farm, I had a revelation. I loved the farm life. This is my Paris, my Australia, my South Africa, my freedom. So I dress the part and enjoy life through the rose-coloured glasses of the fancy farm. Girl. The farm is a metaphor. The attire an approach. The reality? There is a fancy farm girl in all of us.” She is right – every woman who enjoys a glass of wine at the end of the day is a little bit fancy. No matter whatever else you did this day, that glass of wine is your escape, your little bit of decadence. These wines are perfectly balanced, very easy drinking, unpretentious, fun and decadent. Both the Frivolous White and the Flamboyant Red are part of the Limited Availability Wine Program and will be on the shelves from February 7th 2015 through to May 2015. CSPC codes and pricing information are available below:


2012 Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous White

$14.95 per bottle

CSPC 394072


2012 Fancy Farm Girl Flamboyant Red

$14.95 per bottle

CSPC 394080



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